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    Superintendent:  dr. Fabrizio VONA



    The Superintendence for the Historical Patrimony, Artistic and Etnoantropologico heritage for the provinces of Bari and Foggiar, founded with Decree Ministerial 24 September 2004 (G.U. n. 271 of 18-11-2004), it is a peripheral Organ of the Office for heritage and the Cultural Activities, it depends on the competent general direction and it develops activity of guardianship, safeguard, maintenance and valorization the patrimony, historical, artistic and etnoatropologico.

    It handles the restauration, to the maintenance, to the documentation and guardianship of the historical and artistic good, it promotes the knowledge of it through cultural initiatives, also in collaboration with public corporations, University and private company.

    It develops activity to the fruition and the valorization of the heritage.

    The area of competence is constituted by the provinces  of Bari and Foggia.



    Dionisio  SIGNORILE  Dionisio.signorile@beniculturali.it

    Tel 39 080 528 5231  Fax 39 080 528 5214